Sunny Leone Rocks Hot Curves in White Panties and Chains

Saturday, April 4, 2015 7:57

When Sunny Leone plays dress-up, she doesn’t want to just wear regular lingerie. This brunette vixen is a fan of lovely white panties – and chains. She gets a tingle as the thin strands of metal tickle against her nipples, making them hard and sensitive. She feels her pussy get wetter with every move she makes.

Soon, this babe is moving her panties aside to reach her juicy twat. Sunny Leone loves to make herself cum and the fun this afternoon is only just beginning. Stick around and watch this talented babe show you all the positions she’s aching for you to fuck her in.

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Sunny Leone Strips From Sexy Black Lace Lingerie

Saturday, March 28, 2015 8:37

When you see this gorgeous vixen for the first time, you can’t help but love what you see! Sunny Leone is so super hot and sexy in her black lace panty and bra set, with garter belt and stockings to complete the look.

Her dark hair and dark eyes seem to glow as the pornstar slowly strips, allowing her sexy curves to be naked and free. This hot babe is feeling very horny and she needs to pay some attention to her little wet pussy. It has a mind of it’s own, like a little bucking bronco between her legs.. Sunny Leone is ready to cum. Can you help?

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Sunny Leone Enjoys Erotic Nude Shower

Saturday, March 21, 2015 16:17

Sunny Leone has finally been able to slip away and enjoy some time to herself. The shower is the perfect place to unwind, relax, and simply enjoy herself. As the warm water pours down over this hot Indian pornstar, you’ll find it hard to take your eyes off of her.

Sunny Leone nude is truly a sight to behold – she has the perfect body. From her stunning face to those big tits and down her curvy hips and luscious legs – you’ll find yourself wanting to be the one soaping her up!

Something has caused her to get mighty warm, and the only way she knows how to deal with it is by sitting back, spreading her pussy, and giving herself a little pussy rub. This is the hottest solo shower scene Sunny Leone has ever done!

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Sunny Leone is Goddess in Short White Dress

Saturday, March 14, 2015 6:39

The always stunning Sunny Leone is looking ravishing in this short white dress. The good accents and necklace make this beauty look like a Greek or Roman Goddess. Brunette tresses hang over her shoulder as that beautiful smile crosses her face. It doesn’t take long for you to learn that as sweet as this babe is, there’s a saucy side about her. She’s ready to pop her tits out and show a little slit in order to get you all fired up!

Her fingers slide up her thighs in order to part her bald cunt lips. This dark eyed beauty is absolutely ravishing and by the looks, incredibly horny! You’ve been delighted with every inch of this babe in the flesh, it’s about time to see what kind of naughty things she gets up to when she’s left all alone!

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Sunny Leone Gets Nude in the Sunshine

Saturday, March 7, 2015 2:57

Sunny Leone is such a beautiful brunette temptress – wearing only a colorful open sweater and a pink thong, she’s looking like a goddess. The sun beats down on her, warming her skin, highlighting her tits, making her even more incredible looking. It’s as if one look at this babe and you will become hooked, transfixed, under her voodoo – which wouldn’t be so bad, right?

She sits down to get a little more intimate with you – her hands running over her breasts and down her stomach. She spreads her legs and pulls her pussy open. That pink hole is looking so delicious and would be the perfect spot for your tongue. The more she writhes around and plays with her clit, you can see just how turned on and wet she’s becoming, wanting to cum so badly.

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Sunny Leone is Sexy Unbuttoned and Untied

Saturday, February 28, 2015 7:45

After a long day in the office, there’s nothing the stunning Sunny Leone loves more than to relax. Today though, that relaxing includes stripping down to next to nothing for you. Just one look at this babe and you can clearly see why Twistys named her Treat of the Month November 2012! Her button up shirt is open and left hanging, only glimpses of her tits can be seen until she finally bares her boobs herself! What’s even hotter is this business woman has her tie undone and draped over those perky tits. Business is obviously not a man’s world here!

Sunny Leone slides her black thong over her hips and down her legs, knees tightly together she hides everything between her thighs. The black thigh-high stockings look incredibly hot on her – highlighting just how sexy her legs are. Those luscious legs part to show off another tasty part of this siren – her juicy pink cunt.

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Sunny Leone Twistys Treat November 2012

Saturday, February 21, 2015 4:55

Sunny Leone is the new Twistys Treat for November 2012, and they couldn’t have picked a better babe! Talk about finally coming to their senses – Sunny Leone is one of the hottest brunette babes in the biz. She’s all dolled up in her gorgeous pink bra and panties to give you a taste of the sexiest Treat Twistys has ever had.

With her top gone, her big milky tits are absolute Heaven. Her long loose curl cascade over her boobs and her pink nipples still find their way to the surface through it all. She shimmies seductively out of her panties where another pink treat awaits you. Sunny Leone slides her fingers down her body to between her thighs. They part her pussy lips and spread herself wide open, giving you first row seat to the sweetest cunt you’ve ever gotten to see.

It’s no surprise that this November we’re giving our thanks to Twistys for picking the hottest babe to represent them this month!

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Sunny Leone Has Something Sweet For You

Saturday, February 14, 2015 12:24

Sunny Leone needs some attention. The holidays always make this gorgeous brunette babe lonely, and this year is no exception. But she knows if you could give her some much needed attention, she wouldn’t feel so bad. She needs something hard and she needs it now. She knows that you have the ability to enjoy her Christmas treasure and treat it as the extra special sweet treat that it is.

She’ll unwrap your gift slowly, giving you every chance to savour it and prepare for the playing, and then she’ll lay back and let you enjoy all her delicious sweetness. Only you can enjoy it the way she likes it, with your tongue, fingers, and other special tools. Tis the season to get your jollies, they say, and Sunny Leone is ready to help you do just that. Are you ready to get your bells jingled?

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Sunny Leone Looks Luscious in Black Bikini

Saturday, February 7, 2015 7:50

Not everyone has a body that can wear such a hot bathing suit such as this one. But then, not everyone is Sunny Leone. This stunning brunette has a curvaceous and gorgeous body – curves in all the right places -hips, tits, and ass that will leave you aching for more!

Her fingers tug her top down and expose those succulent tits – soft, round, pink nipples just begging to be licked. There’s more to this babe that yearns to be taken care of, like her pussy. With her bikini pushed aside, that bare pink slit of hers is spread wide. Her fingers slip inside her juicy cunt, in and out of that slick wet hole that has got to be driving you wild!

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Sunny Leone Shows Off the Back in Pink Lingerie

Thursday, January 29, 2015 8:10

Luscious in pink, Sunny Leone is one hot ticket and you will absolutely love this sexy minx in her tight lingerie. The pink of the teddy is beautiful – really popping and making your eyes go right to the goods. Her tits are luscious and look like they’re ready to burst out on their own! The real star of this scene though is her cute ass. Between the garters, stockings, and lingerie, her ass is just peeking out ready for some action.

Her hands are all over her body, caresses her curves and getting that gorgeous but pesky lingerie out of the way. There’s no need for this hottie to be covering up her body – she needs to bare it all for everyone to see! She does just that and even spreads her pussy wide to show you just how wet and aroused she is by the thought of you watching her!

Check out Sunny Leone as she bends over for fun

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Sunny Leone Bares Breasts and Sweet Pink Pussy

Saturday, November 15, 2014 1:04

Luscious and seductive Sunny Leone looks stunning in black latex, her long dark hair flowing down her back. This sensuous babe is knock-out gorgeous, with curves that make your cock want to pop out of your pants. She sits with her legs spread, looking kind of demure with her hands between her legs, but then you see that bare pussy and you can’t help but wish you could lick it.

Sunny Leone bares her titties and plays with her nipples, making them hard just for you. She bends over, spreading her ass cheeks to invite you closer. Want to play?

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Sunny Leone Strokes Her Juicy Pussy

Friday, October 24, 2014 0:49

Hot brunette babe Sunny Leone has the perfect body to show off everything she wears and her gold panties and pink shirt hug her figure perfectly. This alluring vixen is a wet dream come to life and her sexy smile alone is enough to make your cock twitch with desire. She reaches into her panties to pet her pussy, shows off her fine ass cheeks and bares her titties, trying to drive you wild.

Sunny Leone loves to tease and torment your cock and when she sits naked, caressing her titties with her legs spread wide, she imagines you stroking that giant erection!

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Sunny Leone Strips Off Lacy Black Lingerie in Bed

Sunday, September 21, 2014 0:49

Beautiful brunette temptress Sunny Leone has a deliciously exotic quality about her that makes you horny right off, especially when you see her beautiful body looking fine in black lace lingerie. She kneels on the bed, looking spectacular, and as soon as she sees you she starts caressing her titties and reaching into her panties.

She cannot resist. She bares her breasts and plays with her pussy some more before slowly slipping those panties off. Her pussy is trimmed and ready for your tongue. Sunny Leone is ready to play in your fantasies and wet dreams, and she hopes you make them extra hot!

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Sunny Leone Hot Babe in Red Lingerie Exposes Titties

Sunday, August 31, 2014 8:25

Exotic and erotic brunette porn babe Sunny Leone is kneeling on the bed in sheer red lingerie that will drive you crazy. Her stunning curves show right through the thin material, and seeing her magnificent breasts slowly pop out around the lacy fabric is boner-inducing all the way.

Sunny Leone always has such a fierce way of looking, you can tell that if you had the chance to be with her, this woman would eat you up and make you know who the boss is in the bedroom. She exposes her pussy, on her terms, touching herself and making you want her even more!

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Sunny Leone Wears Shredded See-through Dress

Thursday, August 28, 2014 8:21

Bangin’ babe, Sunny Leone is looking extra hot in her see-through dress. It clings to the outline of her body, emphasizing the curves of her body. Her perky nipples poke right through the dress – and this naughty minx likes it that way!

She sits back in the armchair, her hands playing with her outfit. She is more than a tease. Sure, she just gives you a little taste of the goods at first, but if you wait, you’ll see her spread that pink pussy hole wide open for you!

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